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These are short, step-by-step how guides, each covering a particular subject. We will be continually adding new tip sheets on an ongoing basis. If there are any topics you would like to see in a tip sheet, or have any ideas for improving our existing tip sheets, please email your suggestions to our helpdesk.

Reporting How to report from Take2 Tip Sheet 10
ASR Reporting How to produce ASR reports Tip Sheet 9
Targeted Funding Summary How to use Take2 to provide a summary report that allows you to help monitor your performance Tip Sheet 54
Dashboard Setup How to setup the Dashboard, configuration settings and set target values Tip Sheet 63
Using the Take2 Dashboard How to use the Take2 Dashboard Tip Sheet 65
Moodle Interface How to use the Take2 Moodle Interface Tip Sheet 76
Datasets and PivotTables How to extract Take2 Data to Excel Tip Sheet 82
Producing Pivot Table How to producing the Pivot table for Progress Monitoring in Take2 Tip Sheet 16
ID Cards How to produce the ID card ZIP file Tip Sheet 30
Generating RoS Notice Generating the Results of Study (RoS) Notice Tip Sheet 34
2010 Performance Indicators In July 2010 TEC published a revised set of definitions and rules for Education Performance Indicators to be used from the 2009 year onwards. The Performance Indicator report in the Take2 Main Module has now been revised to calculate the three key measures: Successful Course Completion (SC), Student Retention (also know as “Student Continuation or Completion – SCOC), and Qualification Completion (QC) at the register level groups, to calculate the part-time factor, and to calculate the composite weighted indicator value Tip Sheet 57
Literacy & Numeracy Bulk Upload How to create a CSV file containing learner details and group allocation which can then be uploaded to the Literacy and Numeracy web site by authorised users Tip Sheet 58
Reporting Dip Bus Outcomes How to report Dip Bus outcomes Tip Sheet 52
Fees Free Export How to create the Fees Free Export Tip Sheet 75
Fees Free Monthly Return How to export Fees Free monthly return report to TEC workbook Tip Sheet 80

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