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These are short, step-by-step how guides, each covering a particular subject. We will be continually adding new tip sheets on an ongoing basis. If there are any topics you would like to see in a tip sheet, or have any ideas for improving our existing tip sheets, please email your suggestions to our helpdesk.

Sending the backend to the help desk How to send the Take2 backend to the help desk Tip Sheet 5
Receiving a backend from the help desk What to do when receiving back your Take2 backend from the helpdesk Tip Sheet 6
Compact & Repair Take2 databases How to compact and repair your data files Tip Sheet 27
Importing Data From Excel How to import data from Microsoft Excel into Take2 Tip Sheet 31
Check For Updates How to check for updates to Take2 Tip Sheet 32
Applying Updates How to apply updates for Take2 Tip Sheet 33
SMS Messaging How to send SMS messages from within Take2 Tip Sheet 36
Setting Up SMS Messaging How to set up SMS messaging in Take2 Tip Sheet 37
Merging Qualification Enrolments How to merge Qualification enrolments Tip Sheet 41
Attendance Functionality How to use the attendance functionality to record student attendance and absence Tip Sheet 60

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