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A student management system designed for the New Zealand tertiary educator

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The Take2 Support Service is available to organisations that have purchased a licence to Take2. The service is purchased on an annual basis, commencing four weeks after the date of installation of Take2. The service is purchased annually (payable in advance) for 12 hours assistance, per site. The cost of the service will be reviewed annually in June of each year. The cost will be revised upwards or downwards on the basis of the number of Take2 users, the volume of calls to the help desk, and the modification required to the software. The Access edition support service is described below. SQL Server users have a more comprehensive service and can also subscribe to an extended support agreement that can include database administration, monthly trial SDRs, etc.

The Support Service provides two main features; on call assistance with the implementation and running of Take2, and an annual upgrade of the Take2 application.

On Call Assistance

On call assistance is provided to help you with the implementation and running of the Take2 product. The per site fee entitles you to 12 hours assistance per annum.

Annual Upgrade

Each year in the period between November and March licenced users of Take2 who have paid an annual Help Desk fee in preceding calendar year will receive an update of the Take2 application. The upgrade will be made available to users via the Take2 Home Page at no cost. Users that wish to receive the annual upgrade on CD will be charged per CD. The upgrade will include the following:

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