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The SQL Server edition of Take2 has been available since 2002. The current SQL Server edition of Take2 includes the same functionality of the Access edition but with an increasing number of additional features.

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Take2 was the first student management system to be certified by the Ministry of Education as Single Data Return compliant.
That certification has been renewed every year since.

The SQL Server edition has been developed for the reason that, although Microsoft Access is an excellent development tool for creating the front-end (user interface) to databases because of its efficient integration with Microsoft Office and because it provides a straightforward development environment, Access tends to become inefficient when used as a back-end.

This is particularly true when there are more than five or six concurrent users, when being used across a wide area network, or when very large numbers of records are stored in the back-end database.

SQL Server, also a Microsoft product, is a relational database management system that is capable of handling large amounts of data and many concurrent users while preserving data integrity and providing many advanced administration and data distribution capabilities. An optimal solution is to use Access for the front-end and SQL server for the back-end and it this scenario that Meta Office has implemented with the SQL Server edition of Take2.

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The Benefits of the SQL Server Edition

There are a number of benefits that result from using the SQL Server edition:

Additional Functionality

The SQL Server edition has a lot of extra functionality and, over time, will continue to be developed at a faster pace than the Access edition of Take2. Some of the currently available extra functions are:

Click here to view a comparison between our Student Management System Products.

Implementing The SQL Server Edition

It will be necessary for users to have a licence to be able to support a SQL Server back-end. Normally you would purchase a SQL Server licence directly, although many tertiary providers may already have a licence because they have a copy of Microsoft Small Business Server (Premium Edition) - note depending on the number of users that you have you may need to purchase additional Client Access Licenses (CALs).

A staff member from Adapt IT Australasia will visit your site to install the SQL Server edition of Take2, to convert your existing data if you already use the Access edition of Take2 , and to work with your staff in ensuring the appropriate configuration in your network environment. We wish to promote the SQL Server edition of Take2 to users who are confident with databases and who appreciate the role of database administration.

Pricing And Support

The licence arrangement for the SQL Server edition of Take2 is similar in structure to the arrangement for the Access edition. Users are able to purchase a licence either through an upfront payment or on an instalment basis over a number of years. For existing Take2 users the SQL Server licence fee will be reduced by the licence fee already paid for the Access edition. Pricing details are available in the Meta Office price list.

There are two levels of support for the SQL Server edition of Take2. The standard support level is similar to that provided for the Access edition. An extended support agreement is available whereby Adapt IT Australasia will assume database administration responsibilities (via a Virtual Private Network connection) and complete tasks such as the Single Data Return, electronic returns to NZQA, etc. The pricing for the extended support agreement is differs from client to client depending on their precise requirements.

How Do I Order Take2?

You can use the More Information form to place an order and to find out about pricing. Or you can contact Adapt IT Australasia directly.

Take2 was the first software certified by the Ministry of Education for Single Data Returns and
is now fully certified by NZQA for electronic hook-on and Unit Standard outcome returns.

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