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Take2 ™ Student Management Software

A student management system designed for the New Zealand tertiary educator

Still ahead of the pack! First released in 1999 Take2 is now in use by over 80 training providers ranging from organisations with tens of thousands of students to organisations with fewer than a hundred.

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Integration With Microsoft Office

Take2 offers you an unprecedented level of integration with the Microsoft Office™ productivity suite as Take2 is written in Microsoft Access. This means Take2 can interface with Microsoft Office™ products such as Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft Excel™. Reports and data can be transferred into these programs with ease, allowing the user to transfer data from Take2 into a document at the click of a button.

Using Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft Excel™, Take2 extends its functionality and usability beyond nearly all of the competing systems.

Take2 enables reports to be produced effortlessly with Microsoft Word™ and Excel™ without the need to export and import data from one application to the other. For example, the Mail Merge Helper wizard in Microsoft Word makes it very easy to pull in address lists, or similar data, from Take2. Don't even think about having your data entry staff retype the information!

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