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Take2 Newsletters 2018

October Update from the Help Desk
Meet the Team
Online monthly Sessions
Adapt IT (Pty) Ltd Annual Results
10-2018 Newsletter
August Update from the Help Desk
Compliance commitments coming up
Are you on the latest version?
Training Opportunities coming up
08-2018 Newsletter
May Update from the Help Desk
Compliance commitments coming up
User Forum update
Interface requests
05-2018 Newsletter
February Update from the Help Desk
Compliance commitments coming up
Monthly online sessions
Student Cards
02-2018 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2017

December Update from the Help Desk
Christmas Office Hours
Compliance commitments coming up
TEC Roadshow
Monthly online sessions
12-2017 Newsletter
July Compliance commitments coming up
Update from the Help Desk
Confirmed Student Enrolments
Take2 Support Process
Withdrawal Types 2017
Take2 Online Demonstration Sessions
07-2017 Newsletter
April Are you prepared for the April SDR submission?
Meta Office Email Addresses
NSI Interface
TEC Communications
Latest Release – Version 10.8.100
Take2 Online Demonstration Sessions
04-2017 Newsletter
February The End of an Era
Take2 Support Process
New Release – Version 10.8.100
Adapt IT User Forums 17th and 18th May
02-2017 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2016

December Public Trust
December SDR 2016
2017 SDR
12-2016 Newsletter
November Special Offer
Funding Source 33
Funding Source 31
11-2016 Newsletter
October Reporting confirmed enrolments
UIP Return
10-2016 Newsletter
September TEC Now – Ow. It hurts !!!!!
A Special Thanks
09-2016 Newsletter
August SDR Updates
Cohort-Based EPI
Tertiary: The Final Frontier
08-2016 Newsletter
July August Single Data Return
Change to Publication Date
07-2016 Newsletter
June Time Flies
Tertiary Tracker
Summary Reporting
06-2016 Newsletter
May NSI REST Interface
Managed Apprentices
05-2016 Newsletter
April April SDR
August SDR
04-2016 Newsletter
March UIP Return
And Thanks for all the Fish
What Can I say?
03-2016 Newsletter
February A Curious Newsletter
Adapt IT expands its operations in New Zealand
02-2016 Newsletter
January TEC SDR Roadshow
The Next Hurdles
The Next NSI
01-2016 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2015

December TEC SDR Roadshow
Changing EPIs
Christmas Thoughts
12-2015 Newsletter
November SDR Dates
Einstein and the Ministry
11-2015 Newsletter
October EPI Timeline Change
ERS Users?
Official Information Act
Performance Improvement
10-2015 Newsletter
September IRD Number
Take2 in the Cloud
How Could We Avoid It?
09-2015 Newsletter
August Snippets
UIP Project
08-2015 Newsletter
July Generic Enrolment Form
IRD Numbers
SDR Round
Investment Plan: Regions
07-2015 Newsletter
June SDR Dates and Things
NSI Replacement Project
Lack of Direction?
06-2015 Newsletter
May SDR Update
NSI Update
05-2015 Newsletter
April Measuring Things
Getting It Right
Upcoming SDR Round
04-2015 Newsletter
March RoA – What’s Happening?
Single Qualification Enrolment
Graduate Outcomes
New Staff Member
03-2015 Newsletter
February Fax Machines
SDR Error 391
A Bouquet and a Brickbat
02-2015 Newsletter
January Avoidance of Doubt
Funding Notifications
01-2015 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2014

December Literacy and Numeracy
Non-Funded Providers
SDR Certification
12-2014 Newsletter
November Literacy and Numeracy
Non-Funded Providers
11-2014 Newsletter
October NSI Replacement Project
Course Register
10-2014 Newsletter
September Election Special
NSI Replacement Project
Future Tertiary Landscape
09-2014 Newsletter
August SAC Funded Performance
YG 10% Rule
08-2014 Newsletter
July Course Register
Next Release
Australian Residency
07-2014 Newsletter
June Confused?
Information for Learners
06-2014 Newsletter
May New Zealand Certificates
NC5432 and 0231
Check Performance Data
05-2014 Newsletter
April Upcoming SDR
Take2 Training
Retention of Records
04-2014 Newsletter
March Data Quality at TEC
Future Lost?
03-2014 Newsletter
February Typso
aPlus+ and Take2
Some Observations
02-2014 Newsletter
January Deleted Enrolments
Enrolment Start Dates
SDR Round
01-2014 Newsletter
January (Extra) Single Data Return Issues
SDR Summary Report
YG is not YT
Qualification Completions
01-2014 (Extra) Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2013

December Youth Guarantee
SDR Roadshow
TEC Service Centre
Age & Study Right
Christmas and All That
12-2013 Newsletter
November SDR and NSN Happenings
Take2 Updates
Level 1 & 2 Funding in 2014
11-2013 Newsletter
October SDR – Tails and Dogs
Record of Achievement
10-2013 Newsletter
September Education Performance
Record of Achievement
09-2013 Newsletter
August Time Flies
2012 YG Enrolments
Staffing Return
Benefit Code
Take2 Transcript
08-2013 Newsletter
June Documents
Course Enrolment EFTS
06-2013 Newsletter
May TEC Continuity
Benefit Codes
05-2013 Newsletter
April Single Data Return
April 2013 Issues
04-2013 Newsletter
March YG and a new 10% Rule
Qualification Completion
03-2013 Newsletter
February 15 Year Old Exemption
02-2013 Newsletter
January Generic Enrolment Form
Youth Guarantee (Sob!)
Foreign Fee
01-2013 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2012

December New Release of Take2
TEC Documentation
On the Move at Christmas
12-2012 Newsletter
November Youth Guarantee 11-2012 Newsletter
October Youth Guarantee Occupancy is Wrong
Literacy and Numeracy
Category Changes
Enquiries and Enrolments
10-2012 Newsletter
September Youth Guarantee
What Do You Need?
09-2012 Newsletter
August Welcome to New Users
Current Single Data Return
2013 Single Data Return
2011 Performance Information
08-2012 Newsletter
July Generic Enrolment Form
Level 1 & 2, YG and the SDR
Mercury: Take2 and the Web
07-2012 Newsletter
June Statement of Intent
SAC Performance Information
Youth Guarantee Performance
06-2012 Newsletter
May Youth Guarantee
TEC Advice
05-2012 Newsletter
April Youth Guarantee Recesses
TEC Advice
04-2012 Newsletter
March Bouquets for TEC
Labour Market Outcomes
Student Extensions
03-2012 Newsletter
February Take2 Certification
Youth Guarantee and ERS
EPI Thresholds
02-2012 Newsletter
January Course Completion Statistics
Youth Guarantee
Fleet of Foot
01-2012 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2011

December Course Completion Code 8
ERS in 2012
Literacy & Numeracy
TEC – Rules & Conditions
12-2011 Newsletter
November TLEC Update
Literacy & Numeracy
11-2011 Newsletter
September Buddy System
New Release
09-2011 Newsletter
August Alternative Education
Incoming Hazard
SDR Files
Trade Academies
08-2011 Newsletter
July Location/Delivery Site Codes
Youth Guarantee
EPI & Funding
SQL Server Edition Users
07-2011 Newsletter
June Enrolment Dates – Part 3
Literacy & Numeracy Bulk Upload
06-2011 Newsletter
May Enrolment Dates – Part 2
TEC – Rules & Conditions
05-2011 Newsletter
April NZDB Grades
Enrolment Dates
Travel Costs
04-2011 Newsletter
March Generic Enrolment Form
Completion Data
03-2011 Newsletter
February TFW and FFTO
Verification of Identity Rule ENR028
Nothing Changes
Events in Christchurch
02-2011 Newsletter
January TEC Rule Changes
FTTO Travel Payments Reports
01-2011 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2010

December SDR Changes 2011
Qualification Data
Change at TEC
12-2010 Newsletter
November Course Completion Cleanup
SDR Fee Updates
Discussion Document
11-2010 Newsletter
October NZQA Fee Increases
Performance Funding
Results of Study
10-2010 Newsletter
September GST
TEC Blooper Alert
TOPS Funding
09-2010 Newsletter
August August SDR Round
2011 Enrolment Form
08-2010 Newsletter
July PSETA Reports
Reality Bites
07-2010 Newsletter
June Literacy and Numeracy
Future of the SDR
Course & Qualification Completion
06-2010 Newsletter
May TEC Data Accuracy Reports
SDR Summary Reports
05-2010 Newsletter
April Interface Updates
2011 SDR Changes
2010 SDR EFTS Rounding
Redundant County Codes
04-2010 Newsletter
March Literacy and Numeracy
Performace Indicators
03-2010 Newsletter
February Funding Cap
The Humble Enrolment Event
Youth Guarantee
02-2010 Newsletter
January Another One Bites the Dust
Education Performance Indicators Redux
01-2010 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2009

December SQL Server 2000 Support
ERS Access Problems
Version 10.2
An Update on T2P (Take2 Powered by PEPi Systems)
12-2009 Newsletter
October SDR Changes 2010
Other Enhancements
10-2009 Newsletter
September August SDR Round
Dogs (and Other Creatures)
Course Completion Rates
09-2009 Newsletter
August SP2 for Office 2007!
Old Competition
Version 9 Support
Musings on Communication
08-2009 Newsletter
July Enrolment Rules
Version Upgrade
Generic Enrolment Form
Developing a Plan
07-2009 Newsletter
June (Extra) PMR
Are the PMRs reliable?
What to do?
06-2009 Newsletter [Extra]
June Letter
ID Card Printing
Literacy Training
SDR Changes 2009
06-2009 Newsletter
May Office 2007 SP2
Bless Them!
Course Changes
05-2009 Newsletter
April 2008 SSP
Back to the Future (again)
04-2009 Newsletter
March April SDR
Version 10
03-2009 Newsletter
February Classification Codes
Take2 and PEPi Systems
02-2009 Newsletter
January Postcodes
Ethnicity Puzzle
01-2009 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2008

December Classification Codes
NZQA Charges
Christmas and Stuff
12-2008 Newsletter
November Targeted Funding Summary
New Staff Member
Achievement Standards
11-2008 Newsletter
October Mergers & Acquisitions!
KPI - Again
Achievement Standards
Fee Protection
10-2008 Newsletter
September Happy Birthday Take2!
2009 SDR
Which Edition of Take2?
09-2008 Newsletter
August Targeted Trainees
SDR Reminder
Tertiary Policy
08-2008 Newsletter
July NZQA Fees
Course Completion Mapping
07-2008 Newsletter
June NSI Consultation
Permanent Residents
More Help Desk News
06-2008 Newsletter
May April SDR Round
More Help Desk News
Key Performance Indicators
Post Codes
05-2008 Newsletter
April Compliance Costs
Help Desk News
International Student Fees
04-2008 Newsletter
March Statement of Performance
Version 9.6
03-2008 Newsletter
February Take2 now certified by Ministry for 2008!
Type D Students
Contracted Students
Person Specification
Statement of Performance
02-2008 Newsletter
January 2007 Qualification Completion Return
SDR in 2008
Office 2003 Service Pack 3
01-2008 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2007

December Office 2003 Service Pack 3
12-2007 Newsletter
November SDR Reporting
Meta Office Forum
11-2007 Newsletter
October Skill Enhancement
Meta Office Forum
Version 9.5
10-2007 Newsletter
September NSI Change
09-2007 Newsletter
August Generic Enrolment Form
Take2 Newsletter and You
08-2007 Newsletter
July HSI
Post Codes
07-2007 Newsletter
June Summary Information
Qualification Enrolments
ERS - Take2 Top Tips
06-2007 Newsletter
May Unsolicited Emails
Version 10
NZ Diploma in Business
05-2007 Newsletter
April PBRF Course End Date
Funding Guide
Take2 on a Mac
04-2007 Newsletter
March SSP Confusion
Investing in a Plan
Data Quality Exercise
03-2007 Newsletter
February Version 9 Release
2007 SDR
National Student Index
02-2007 Newsletter
January Student Component Rules
Take2 Training
01-2007 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2006

December Office Updates
Holiday Period
12-2006 Newsletter
November Dis is v KOol!
Code Changes
Funding Changes
11-2006 Newsletter
October New release of Take2
Merge requests and NZQA
10-2006 Newsletter
September Reporting to the Ag ITO
Take2 Training
Looking Forwards
09-2006 Newsletter
August Ethnicity
Post Codes
Looking Forwards
Summary Report
Results of Study
08-2006 Newsletter
July ERS
Generic Enrolment Form
Students OnLine
07-2006 Newsletter
June Thinking about Funding
Enrolment Forms
06-2006 Newsletter
FITEC Export
ERS (Electronic Receipting)
Take2 Training
05-2006 Newsletter
April Funding Changes
04-2006 Newsletter
March Version 8
Tip Sheets
03-2006 Newsletter
February ASR Screening
December SDR
Download RoL Data
02-2006 Newsletter
January Version 8 Release
NSI Integration Testing
State of the Natione
01-2006 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2005

December Version 8 Certification and Release
Holiday Period
Strategic Relevance
User Forum
12-2005 Newsletter
November Strategic Relevance
Electronic Receipting
User Forum
11-2005 Newsletter
October Ethnic Origin (again)
Public Trust Interface
Version 8
10-2005 Newsletter
September Ethnic Origin
Generic Enrolment Form
A Competition
09-2005 Newsletter
August Strategic Relevance
August SDR
Version 8
Help is at Hand
08-2005 Newsletter
Change of Address
Version 8
SQL Server Edition
07-2005 Newsletter
June Remember to save those SDR files!
Change of Address
NSI URLs are changing
06-2005 Newsletter
May Up to Speed
SDR Round
Electronic Receipting
Reporting to NZQA
05-2005 Newsletter
April Version 7 Release
Course Completion Return
04-2005 Newsletter
February Version 7
Course Completion Codes
Compliance Costs
02-2005 Newsletter
January February Course Completion Return
Version 7
NSI Birth Register File
01-2005 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2004

December NSI Changes
Holiday Period
12-2004 Newsletter
November Course Completions (again)
SQL Server Edition
11-2004 Newsletter
October Changes Coming Up
Changes at Meta Office
10-2004 Newsletter
September 2004 Course Completions
Generic Enrolment Form
09-2004 Newsletter
August Survey
August SDR
Error 366
08-2004 Newsletter
July Course Completions
Eligibility Codes
07-2004 Newsletter
June Survey
Version 7
Support Costs
06-2004 Newsletter
May June SDR
Support Costs
05-2004 Newsletter
April Course Register
Funding Category J
Internet Code for Courses
04-2004 Newsletter
March Version 6 Release
Internet Codes
03-2004 Newsletter
February Reporting to NZQA
Statement of Service Performance
On the Subject of Audits
Version 6
02-2004 Newsletter
January Happy New Year!
Course Completions
Getting Ready for 2004
01-2004 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2003

December Software Updates
Office 2003
Installing on a New PC
12-2003 Newsletter
November Overseas Students
Missing in Action
December SDR
11-2003 Newsletter
October Maxima Exempt Fee
Public Trust Interface
Version 6
10-2003 Newsletter
September Statement of Objectives
Generic Enrolment Form
SQL Server Edition of Take2
09-2003 Newsletter
August Public Trust Fees Protection
SDR Tips
Attendance Module
08-2003 Newsletter
July Charters and Profiles and Statements of Objectives
August SDR
Advanced Training
Course Completions
07-2003 Newsletter
June Student Statistics
New Training Opportunity
Course Completions
06-2003 Newsletter
May May SDR
Liaison with Agencies
June SDR
05-2003 Newsletter
March Version 5
Take2 Training Opportunity
Take2 Version 5 Roll-Out
03-2003 Newsletter
February Happy New Year!
Statement of Service Performance
Version 5 of Take2
02-2003 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2002

November Looking Forward to 2003
Who Uses Take2?
National Student Index
Statement of Objectives
11-2002 Newsletter
October Course Completions
Take2 Web Site
Generic Enrolment Form
10-2002 Newsletter
August Enrolment Patterns
August SDR
Course Completions
Take2 Version 5
08-2002 Newsletter
July NSI Provider Load
Staffing Return
07-2002 Newsletter
June Help Desk Changes
06-2002 Newsletter
May National Student Index
Course and Qualification Completions Return
Take2 ID Cards
05-2002 Newsletter
April Single Data Return
Compacting Take2
Changing Courses
Course Completions
04-2002 Newsletter
March Version 14 03-2002 Newsletter
February Version 4
Course Completions
Statement of Service Performance
02-2002 Newsletter
January NSI Survey
Single Data Return
Special Offer
01-2002 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2001

November Ministry Audit
Shaping the Funding Framework
Computers and Things
11-2001 Newsletter
October National Student Index
Verification of Study
ID Cards
Fee Protection
10-2001 Newsletter
September National Student Index
Iwi Codes
Versions of Access
09-2001 Newsletter
August SDR Time: Check Your Course Register!
Version 4 of Take2
Iwi Codes
08-2001 Newsletter
July New Release v3.2
Generic Enrolment Form
07-2001 Newsletter
June Qualification Completions
Fees Protection
06-2001 Newsletter
March Version 3 is Certified!
April SDR
03-2001 Newsletter
January Reporting SNZ Trainees
VoS Functionality
Training Sessions
01-2001 Newsletter

Take2 Newsletters 2000

December Take2 Version 3
December SDR
2001 Curriculum and Enrolments
12-2000 Newsletter
November Take2 Version 3
Ministry Roadshow
Hook-on Fee
11-2000 Newsletter
September Coming Attraction
09-2000 Newsletter
August Single Data Return
Version 2.14
User Group/Contacts
Version 3
08-2000 Newsletter
June Training Sessions
Version 2.13a
A Tale of Two Providers
06-2000 Newsletter
May Single Data Return
Help Desk
Version 3
05-2000 Newsletter
March Release of Latest Version of Take2
Single Data Return Checklist
Take2 Web Site
Version 3 of Take2
03-2000 Newsletter

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