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The Attendance Module is fully integrated within Take2, which means that you do not need to deploy any other modules or applications to users. If you currently have access to Take2 then you can (almost) flick a switch and turn on the Attendance Module.

Attendance Module | Public Trust Fee Protection

The standard version of Take2 contains a feature so that you can record student absences. However it does not allow you to record student attendances. The Attendance Module allows you to record both absences and attendances and, therefore, it is possible for the system to calculate an attendance ratio for students.

The Attendance Module

Please note: you require a special licence from Meta Office to run the Attendance Module.

Installing the Attendance Module

Once you have emailed your request for the Attendance Module and received back from Meta Office the required registration code (full instructions on how to register your new registration code will be provided) the Attendance Module will now be ready for you to use!

Remember, we are only an email or phone call away. We can provide you with initial phone and email support to get you up to speed in using the Attendance Module.

Present, Absent Or Not Enrolled

Because the Attendance Module is fully integrated within Take2 additional functionality is now also present within the Take2 Administration module. This functionality allows you to set up certain one off (or housekeeping) tasks.

The Attendance Module (accessed through the Take2 Administration module) gives the user the ability to set a default status of A – Absent or P – Present when a record is created.

What value do I enter when there is a public or student holiday? The other value you can enter is N – Not Enrolled. By entering an N value, that day is no longer counted in the attendance calculations.

What about student withdrawals? The Attendance Module caters for the withdrawal of students. When you process a student withdrawal, any days after the date of withdrawal are populated with N – Not Enrolled to ensure the attendance calculations remain accurate.

Recording Attendance For Multiple Students

Creating Attendance Reports

The reporting tool in the Attendance Module can provide you with some very cool statistics that will be invaluable to your organisation at various levels.

A manager can monitor attendance ratios across programmes to see if there are any patterns of absence.

A tutor can see when a student has fallen below the attendance threshold and work with the student in a proactive way to resolve an absence issue.

Your organisation has the ability to inform third parties of attendance statistics across a range of programmes and dates and even branches. With this information you can make informed management decisions about your programmes, your tutors and your students proactively.

Ordering The Attendance Module

If you are running the current version of Take2 then you will not need to download any further software, however if you are not running the latest version of Take2 we strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to do so. Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page to go to the appropriate downloads section on the website.

The Attendance Module is turned on via registration code update so you will need to contact the help desk with your request. On purchasing of the Attendance Module the helpdesk will supply you with the necessary registration code, supporting documentation and instruction on how to get started. You will also be provided with full instructions on how to register your new registration code.

For pricing and more information please contact the help desk - click here

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