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Take2 ™ Student Management Software

A student management system designed for the New Zealand tertiary educator

Still ahead of the pack! First released in 1999 Take2 is now in use by over 80 training providers ranging from organisations with tens of thousands of students to organisations with fewer than a hundred.

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Take2 was the first student management system to be certified by the Ministry of Education as Single Data Return compliant.
That certification has been renewed every year since.

Take2 is a comprehensive student management system that is designed specifically for New Zealand training providers. Take2 is certified by the Ministry of Education to produce the Single Data Return and by NZQA to send electronic hook-on and Unit Standard returns. Take2 works with the National Student Index through an XML interface. Take2 also reports transactions for TEC and MSD targeted funded trainees through an interface to TEC's Electronic Receipting System (ERS).

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Why Take2?

Take2 has been developed by people who are very familiar with the tertiary sector and the requirements of both training providers and central agencies. During its development Take2 has been tested in a live environment and, as a result, the original design has been constantly updated to recognise the needs of users.

When we ask our users why they have purchased or switched to Take2 from another product (as many have), we have been told that the factors that have influenced them include:

Is There A Help Desk?

Buying Take2 (or associated products) is more than just acquiring a software licence and being left to get on by yourself. We provide for a single annual fee a full help desk and update service to support Take2 users.

The help desk provides on call assistance to help you with the implementation and running of Take2, covering topics such as how to use the product, how to install an update, how the product performs on your PC or network, how to create ad hoc reports and mail merges, and how to prepare Take2 returns for central agencies, etc.

You can also ask for assistance on matters not directly relating to Take2 but which relate to the administration of students and student enrolments and records; for example you can ask about the design of enrolment forms, paper record systems, and the administrative requirements of government agencies. You will receive assistance on these matters in as much as we are able to assist you (which is probably much more than you would expect) and, if appropriate, we will refer you to other sources of information.

Is Training Available?

You can contact Adapt IT Australasia for details of training programmes in your area, or to set up dedicated training sessions which can be delivered on your premises on on-line.

Take2 is fully documented and is accompanied by an extensive and indexed user manual, which not only explains how to use Take2, but also contains useful suggestions for setting up Take2 for your organisation, and flow charts to illustrate how best to go about various tasks. Many users also find the Take2 Tip Sheets and monthly newsletters a valuable resource.

Take2 also comes with an introductory PowerPoint Tutorial which provides an excellent starting point to understanding the functionality of Take2 and the sequence of setting up and using the product.

What About Upgrades?

Periodically licenced users of Take2 who have paid an annual support fee in the preceding year will receive an major update of the Take2 application. The update will include the following:

How Do I Order Take2?

You can use the more information form to place an order and to find out about pricing. Or you can contact us directly.

Take2 was the first software certified by the Ministry of Education for Single Data Returns and is also fully certified for the National Student Index interface and for NZQA for electronic returns.

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