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A student management system designed for the smaller New Zealand tertiary educator

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These are short, step-by-step how guides, each covering a particular subject. We will be continually adding new tip sheets on an ongoing basis. If there are any topics you would like to see in a tip sheet, or have any ideas for improving our existing tip sheets, please email your suggestions to our helpdesk.

Add a student How to add a student. Tip Sheet 1
Create Student Bring-ups How to create a student bring-up. Tip Sheet 7
Manage Bring-ups How to update student bring-ups. Tip Sheet 8
Setting up an enrolment pattern How to set up an enrolment pattern. Tip Sheet 9
Managing enrolment patterns How to manage an existing enrolment pattern. Tip Sheet 10
Enrolling A Student How to enrol a Student (Pattern Enrolment). Tip Sheet 11
Group Enrolment. Enrolling a Group of Students (Group Enrolment). Tip Sheet 12
Result Notice & Transcripts How to produce a student result notice and academic transcripts. Tip Sheet 13
Add Organisation & Contact How to add an Organisation and Contact. Tip Sheet 14
Reporting Organisations & Contacts How to report on organisations and contacts. Tip Sheet 15
Internal Lookups How to manage Internal Lookups. Tip Sheet 16
TEC Labour Market Outcomes How to report two month Labour Market Outcomes (paper based return). Tip Sheet 17
TEC Unit Standards Result How to get to the TEC Trainee Unit Result Form (paper based return). Tip Sheet 18
TEC Trainee Withdrawal How to get to the TEC Trainee Withdrawal Form (paper based return). Tip Sheet 19
Unit Array How to produce the Unit Array Report. Tip Sheet 20
NSI XML Interface The NSI XML Interface. Tip Sheet 21
Pivot Table for the RS20 How to produce the Pivot Table for the RS20. Tip Sheet 31
RS20 Template from the Pivot Table How to complete the RS20 Template from the Pivot Table. Tip Sheet 32
Attendance Module For users of Nipper who have purchased the Attendance Module. Tip Sheet 38
Generic Qualification Enrolling learners not on a qualification. Tip Sheet 39

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