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Nipper ™ Student Management Software

A student management system designed for the smaller New Zealand tertiary educator

Initially developed in 2005 and regularly updated to meet new compliance requirements.

Always up to date with the latest compliance changes from TEC and NZQA.

Produces RS20 figures, NZQA unit result batches and interfaces with the National Student Index.

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Nipper is an easy to use student management system

A student management system is a database that allows you to keep track of students and their enrolments, and to record and report their outcomes to government agencies. Essentially this means that it is has two parts. One part of the system is a database which stores data about students and the things that students do. The other part of the system is the clever bit which allows you to view and manipulate the stored data, for example preparing a schedule of student addresses, making an electronic return to NZQA, calculating a student's age, etc.

The database part of the system allows you to manage four key sets of data as shown in the diagram below.

Nipper ™ Student Management Software

Nipper is designed for training providers who need a low cost, effective database that will allow them to meet the compliance requirements of government agencies. We realised that there are a number of smaller training provider who would benefit from having a student management system, but who do not need all of the 'bells and whistles' that our more wide-ranging product Take2 has to offer. To meet this need, we developed Nipper.

Designed to be a user-friendly student management system that is simple to use, affordable, and will allow non-SDR providers to comply with the reporting requirements of TEC and NZQA, including credit reporting, electronic receipting for TOPS and Youth training, plus the creation of statistics needed for the RS20 return and the Export Education Levy for the Ministry of Education.

Click here to download the Nipper Brochure. (PDF format).

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