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Suite of Student Management Software for New Zealand Tertiary Education Providers

Our suite of Student Management Software for New Zealand Tertiary Education Providers has been designed from the outset to be as simple and straightforward to install and use as possible, and uses standard Microsoft Office™ products to ensure it will work on the maximum number of PCs with the minimum of fuss.

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Meta Office was originally formed as a partnership between Richard Hamilton-Williams and Chris O'Neill. Richard has been developing education related information management systems since 1989, and Chris since 1992. Together and with our colleagues we have produced systems used by Polytechnics, Institutes of Technology, Wananga and Industry Training Organisations in New Zealand, and systems for several overseas Ministries of Education. We have undertaken contract work for a number of central agencies and commercial organisations, in the education field but also in other fields. Meta Office was acquired by Adapt IT Australasia Limited in January 2016. Our clients are supported by the same dedicated team as in the past.

Take2 has a proven track record as being reliable and well supported, and was the first SMS to be certified for electronic reporting by both the Ministry of Education and by NZQA. Take2 is now the most widely used SMS amongst private tertiary providers.

The Nipper SMS was released in 2005. Nipper is a student management system built along the same lines as Take2, but scaled down to meet the needs of smaller training providers. Nipper is much easier to use than its big brother, while still retaining the core functionality of Take2.

The Take2 product range (including Nipper) is developed in Microsoft Access and we have successfully used Access for other developments. In particular we have specialised in using Access and other Office tools to provide an effective interface to complex data sets. We also have experience of other tools, in particular Delphi.

We are dedicated to the provision and support of student management systems. You can expect to see Nipper and Take2 grow in the future, as we are looking forward to further developing both of these products.

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